No More Junk Mail

Do you want to get rid of junk mail?  Are you tired of your mailbox being filled with coupons?

Well, I was as well and wanted to find out how to get off of the mailing lists so the junk mail would stop.  See the links below to reduce the amount of junk mail that you receive.

Each link will lead you to a form for you to fill out to opt-out of their mailing lists.  These companies use direct mailing lists, so it might take 6-8 weeks until you notice a reduction in the junk mail that you receive.

Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Lists
The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) tracks consumers who prefer not to receive mail or telephone solicitations. The DMA can help opting out of lists produced by companies that subscribe to its Mail and Telephone Preference Services.
Click here to get on the Opt-Out list for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) website:

  • Choose Register on the bottom right
  • Follow the instructions

National Do Not Mail List
This service will email you twice a year to confirm your preferences, which seems rather bothersome.  However, with one click you can indicate that you do not want to receive many categories of offers.
Follow this link to get on the National Do Not Mail List

  • Follow the form on the right and click Submit
  • Choose your opt-out selections (there is a select all option)

Yellow Pages
If you no longer reference the Yellow Pages frequently, then choose not to receive them by going to the opt-out page.

  • Enter your zip code and click Get Started
  • The yellow pages that you can opt out of are listed
  • Register using the link on the right
  • Select which directories you want to receive/not receive

Credit Card Offers
There are two options to reduce the credit card offers that you receive.

  • To opt-out for five years can be done electronically through the website: Click the blue button that says ‘Click here to Opt-In or Opt-Out, then select Electronic Opt-Out for Five Years and follow the instructions
  • To opt-out permanently by mailing in the form available through the website: Click the blue button that says ‘Click here to Opt-In or Opt-Out’ then select Permanent Opt-Out election and follow the instructions.  Be certain to print and mail the form when prompted.
  • To submit your Opt–In or Opt–Out request by telephone. Call1–888–567–8688

Grocery Ads
To be removed from the mailing lists for the direct marketing company, Valassis, go to their website.

  • Fill out the short form on the bottom of the web page.

ValPak coupon mailings arrive in a blue envelope.  To opt-out of receiving them, go to their Mailing List Removal Page.

  • Fill out the form and submit it.

Pennysaver and
For California and Florida, you may opt out of receiving the PennySaver mailings by submitting this short form.

Money Mailer
While opting-out through a web form is not available, information on how to email, mail, or fax a request to be removed from their mailing list is on their website, or is provided here: Please provide your mailing address and:

Bed, Bath and Beyond
To opt-out from the Bed, Bath and Beyond mailings, go to their unsubscribe webpage, fill out the form and submit it.

Most of these elections last for five years.  It only takes a few minutes to do, but remember to do so every five years.


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